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Name: Kyle Wong

Education: University of California, Los Angeles: pursuing Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. (2016-Present)

Previous Education: Troy High School: Fullerton, CA. Valedictorian, 4.00 GPA unweighted (2012-2016)

Hobbies: Game development, solving computer science challenges, reading, playing the piano and guitar, traveling

Statement: I have a passion for initiating, collaborating, and completing projects, such as computer games and applications, software, robotics, and other technology that are entertaining and useful for others around the world. What satisfies me the most is completing extremely challenging projects that require more than 100% effort. Also, I am a very eager learner who loves to self-study new ideas and techniques (through searching through the Internet, watching Youtube videos, etc). I also enjoy various tech talks to see what is new in the world of innovation.

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Programming Languages
Java Advanced

C/C++ Proficient

C# Proficient

Python Proficient

Lua Intermediate

R Learning
Mobile Development
Android Proficient

iOS Intermediate
Unity 3D Advanced

ROBLOX Studio Proficient

Git Proficient

Paint.NET Proficient

Blender Intermediate

Cybersecurity Proficient
Web Development (Front-End)
HTML Advanced

CSS Advanced

JavaScript Proficient
Web Development (Back-End)
PHP Intermediate

SQL Intermediate
English Advanced

Cantonese Advanced

Spanish Proficient

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Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my projects, want to talk about computer science/software engineering, or simply want to have a conversation with me. I am very friendly and enjoy meeting new people!